We are the School of Service, a strategic business unit of Adviser Communications.


An organization focused on the creation of methodologies for training, which has led us to be at the forefront in the development of knowledge in various issues that have to do with human development both personally and professionally.


We understand the provision of customer service as a continuous business line, which includes everything from the design of how the customer is going to be attracted, to the way the service is going to be rendered, to be pleased and retained. A set of operational elements that make a difference in an organization and that includes managers, supervisors, commercial staff, back office staff and front office or service personnel.


In this case, we present various courses and workshops aimed at meeting the strategic objectives of your organization.


The School of Service works since 2004 in Medellin - Colombia, now we move to the mode of virtual company to be also at the forefront in the application of technology. We belong to the simplified regime. In the face-to-face mode, we serve the Metropolitan Areas of Bogotá and Medellín, including the Near East. For other cities or countries will be added the expenses incurred.


Clients make your company exist

"Customer service is a corporate strategy that provides an organization to solve the dreams, desires, problems and needs of a market." G.M. Wilson


Our area of ​​expertise

Regardless of the performance area of ​​the organization's collaborators, everything corresponds to a management ecosystem that must be well synchronized. Whether in the administrative personnel or in the commercial personnel, the development of key competences that affect the commercial ecosystem, implies in the reach of the organizational excellence.


We train

Each time you finish a training, ask yourself: What really did we learn to do and well done?

Within this theoretical framework, we focus on specific know-how to maximize the outcome of the task, depending on the scope of the intervention that your organization has foreseen. That is, we can go from a conference to intensive training.


We educate

The human being is integral, so any formative process must take into account the structuring of the subject around a set of values ​​that represent their organization and their corporate identity. In addition to this, we have a transversal set of dimensions that are strengthened with our activity and that we mean with the following items: Happiness, Ambition, Creativity, Effectiveness, Solidarity, Collaboration and Excellence.


Our methodology

It must be taken into account that the center of our activity is training and although we also include play as a form of execution, the result does not seek to be motivational or inspirational but instructional.

Theoretical framework + Personal skills + Technical skills

  • Specific knowledge of the area
  • Vocational reprogramming + Capacity development + Experimentation
  • Exercises + Simulations

Taking into account the above, the issues we can handle are multiple and are subject to what you and your organization show us as a need or that together we can determine.